On Wednesday the whole team (but Martin) had a full rest day. After some days with a lot of training I think everyone agreed on that this rest day was needed. This was also the day we left Pontresina youth hostel and checked in to the Scuol youth hostel where we will stay for ten days and through the whole JWOC week.

Since we were not leaving for an early training we slept a little bit longer, ate breakfast and packed ourselves out of the tiny (and messy) rooms. Then we left to the place Martin was doing the training, and while he did the training we did on Tuesday the rest of us had some fun: reading books, tanning, playing soccer (Americans against the Swiss, guess who won?? The Americans of course!!), cards, and eating lunch. 

Eating lunch and playing cards

After some hours in the sun, some more sun burnt than others, we drove to the hostel in Scuol. The rest of the day was spent relaxing, a little team meeting, dinner, playing ping-pong and some socializing. Hopefully everyone feels rested and ready for some days of training before the JWOC.

The view from our hostel in Scuol.