Sunday we participated in the Swiss Relay Championship in Spreitenbach. We had four teams in the race: #1 Anton-Michael-Martin, #2 Austin-Thomas-Erin, #3 Asne-Julia-Amanda, #4 Tyra-Izzy-Evalin.

We had great weather for the race. Everyone was happy, even the cows!


Erin was happy!


Tyra and Julia were happy!


The start of a relay is always very exciting. The guys started at 10:30 and the gals at 10:40, so there were a lot of people in the woods. Here is a cool series of the start of the women’s relay featuring Asne and a rogue hand:


The courses were very physical with a lot of climb, but we all held back a little bit to be fresh for JWOC. The long, uphill last control and finish shoot couldn’t stop Erin from cracking a smile at the go control. Sometimes the best part of your race is finishing!


After the tough race we did some course review…


… and made new friends!