We started off our second day in Zurich with a pleasant breakfast of cereal, yogurt, apples, and sandwiches. Or rice, if your name starts with A and ends with -ustin.

After that, Erin drew us a course on a map relevant to the next day’s relay race, and we copied it onto our own maps.

We drew our courses on our own maps; some looked better than others.

When we parked at the training, we found three nice-looking cows, and we attempted to befriend them with gifts of grass, but they refused our offers.

The training was customized for each athlete, with some going through the entire course and others cutting off a couple of controls here and there.

A closer look at the day’s training.

When we returned to the youth hostel after training, we took a team walk to the nearby grocery store for lunch. Unfortunately, Julia and Evalin picked out a decieving pasta – it appeared delicious and tasted good for the first few bites, but it grew increasingly gross the more a person ate it. Between five girls trying to nibble at it, only one of the containers of pasta was finished.

Our team meeting in the evening after dinner was lengthy; we discussed the day and reviewed our individual intentions for the week, then Erin challenged us to find a common thread between all eleven of us, yet it couldn’t be related to orienteering or being an athlete. After much deliberation, we discovered that NONE of us have had our wisdom teeth removed (and Michael doesn’t have any wisdom teeth)! After we settled on our shared lack of wisdom teeth removal, we headed upstairs (read: up elevator), and went to bed.