On July 1st, almost the entire team got together in Zurich at a youth hostel. In the early evening we went out for a short 20 minute shake out run along a public path in a nearby park. Afterwards we proceeded to have death by core. Many abs were sore; but getting stronger nonetheless. After going back and showering we had a very tasty dinner provided by the hostel, when Michael and Austin also arrived and joined us.

This weekend was also Zurich Fest, so there were some pretty cool fighter jets flying above us every now and then.

 We had hoped to go walk around the festival, but time didn’t allow for much since we were all pretty tired… and by tired we mean stay up to watch the football match. (I actually didn’t watch 😉 so I don’t even know who was playing, Belgium?)

When we decided to finally go to bed, we had some trouble because there were really loud fireworks going on, and I mean LOUD. Like, I feel sorry for all the pets out there. Poor things. After it finally ended, I was able to open the window and breath once again.


Spectacular photography skills by Anton from the house he was staying at.