With Michael, Jan Erik Naess (CAN), Timothy Chambers (RSA) and Roark Robinson (RSA) we had a small camp in Jura 23rd-26th June. We were staying at the camping site of St. Cergue Les Cheseaux.

During the first day we did a sprint training in Nyon. Because of the heat of 92 degrees, we went for a swim in the refreshing Lake Geneva. Then we haded out for the camping site.

Putting the tents up. Example from Anton and Roark.



After settling down at the camp site we went for the first training. Everybody was tired already before the training because we had to walk almost 4 kilometres to the start.

Walk to the start


On the second day we did a training in the morning and in the afternoon we took the train to France. The groceries were half the price in France than they were in Switzerland, it was worth the trip!


The French border sign on the ground.
French traffic signs.

After we got back from France we had plenty of time for taking pictures and ended up having a two hour photographic session.

Here is the best result (photographer in the picture…). (from left: Jan Erik, Roark, Anton, Michael and Tim)

On the third day it was time for the middle and on the fourth for the long distance competition.

Heading to middle distance.





Link to middle distance results: http://www.o-l.ch/cgi-bin/results?type=rang&year=2016&event=3.+Nationaler+Mitteldistanz&kat=H20

Link to long distance results: http://www.o-l.ch/cgi-bin/results?type=rang&year=2016&event=4.+Nationaler+Langdistanz&kat=H20

In the long distance race there was also the Swiss Jwoc team running which made the race a really good training for Jwoc.

In short, we had plenty of fun, especially between the orienteering stuff.

BIG thanks to Jan Erik for organising this!