As is normal, the first thing we did after waking up was to head down to the beautiful cafeteria and eat breakfast. The cafeteria has a huge wall of windows that looks out to the lake. Breakfast is pretty much the best part of the day.


After about an hour and half (aka enough time to digest breakfast), we laced up our shoes and headed out to do the morning training. Today we did longer intervals. The fastest members of our group did four mile repeats and four 200m sprints. The others did an abbreviated version of the workout. We ran along a forested path that makes a large loop and ends back where it begins. It was much more enjoyable to run on than a track.

After the intervals we grabbed a light snack and some water, and headed straight to the weight room. There we did a circuit strength workout with an emphasis on lighter weights and more reps. Erin also through in some stair sprints and jumping on a huge bouncy mat to get some plyometrics in.

After the workout the boys jumped in the pool for a quick swim while the girls headed directly to lunch.


The afternoon training was two exercises. The first one was a compass bearing exercise. We had to keep moving at a good pace otherwise the mosquitos would attack us.


Compass bearing exercise


The second exercise we did was a corridor course that wove through some pretty technical rocky and bare rocky terrain. Lot’s of fun, and definitely a challenge.

Corridor exercise

After dinner Thomas, Colin, Julia, and Izzy explored along the edge of the lake. They also, feeling inspired by the Euro Cup, played some soccer!