Friday was our last morning staying at the cabin in Solvalla. After eating breakfast, we packed up our stuff and what was left of the food, and a little past 10 we loaded up the cars and embarked on the rainy, sleepy drive to Anton’s summer house in Vierumäki.


The summer house is located in a sports complex area, with 2 golf courses, tennis courts, a ropes course, a track, and much more. Once we arrived there, we settled in and had lunch. The next couple hours were spent playing cards and then it was time for training.


The training was a short jog from the house, through a sprint map of the sports complex. It was a light training, with Jukola tomorrow, so the girls cut it short while the guys completed the whole course. Other than getting through some of the rough logging areas and the mosquitoes that would descend on anyone staying still for too long, it was an enjoyable training.


After showering and saunaing back at Anton’s house, it was time for the barbecue dinner! Anton grilled some sausages and meat, which we had with the fried onions we’d bought yesterday, along with salad and corn.


Following that delicious meal, we watched soccer and played cards some more. After going over the logistics of Jukola, we climbed onto the roof and watched the sunset. Then everyone went to bed, trying to get enough rest before Jukola.