Today is our first full day in Finland, or at least the first day before which we’ve had a full night’s rest. Despite the fact that most of us got more than eight hours of sleep last night, the jet lag and 30 waking hours between beds in Boston and Solvalla still weighed heavily on us. Today was the first real hard day since we’ve arrived in Finland. Bright and early at 10 am we headed up to the track for an interval and weight room session. The track workout, and I use track lightly here, consisted of two 200s, a 300, 400, and 500 on trails, and four 2oos through terrain. Then back down the 500, 400, 300 ladder, finishing off with two to four hard 200s. It was a pretty tough workout, but we all managed to get through it.

Afterwards we headed over to the weight room and went through a couple lifts with Erin. We did front squats, deadlifts, bench press, leg press, ring pull ups, knee raises, kettle ball swings, and some balance exercises on a bosu ball. Unfortunately Michael forgot his watch in the weight room, and when he checked on it a couple hours later it wasn’t there anymore. It wasn’t in the lost and found, and the gym management said they’d check the security feed to see who might’ve taken it. We’ll see if it turns up anything, but at least it’s a viable course of action.


After some lunch and a few hours to relax, we headed back up the hill for some training on a map. We were supposed to focus on precise map reading and using our compass between the points that we pick. The forest was super runnable and the course was all-in-all an enjoyable experience. It’s been a couple years since the last map update though, so entire gravel trail networks have sprung up near 8, which definitely confused some of us.